Christmas together is a series of 4 Christmas inspired prints dedicated to love, tenderness, togetherness and all that cheesy stuff with which our families, friends, pets and loved ones do to make our lives better every day.

After cards are printed I cut them, paint details with golden ink and then pack them. I use high quality white paper 230 gsm and ink jet printer.
Your pet sleeps on your sweater and so you’re wearing your boyfriend's/neighbour's/sister's/dad's one? The warmest sweater is the one which belongs to someone else anyway. Enjoy Christmas and share your favourite sweater with someone dear to your heart …

This is that time of a year when every breath is full of magic. But don't get too excited - wear a warm scarf and make sure you have someone warm to snuggle up close to - it's cold outside!
What would Christmas be without all these preparations? When the whole family helps to decorate the Christmas tree, wrapping up and hiding presents. Have a lot of these magic little moments to share this Christmas and enjoy each of them together!
You don't believe in Santa, do you? But Santa is always around. Maybe right now he is sitting just opposite you. Spot the Santa and have lots of fun this Christmas!
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